Breath & Movement Coach


I began my fitness journey after years of unhealthy perception of my body and a 7-year-long struggle with an eating disorder. God used this struggle to bring His daughter to Christ, showing me the love and tender care needed, not just for my soul, but also for my body. Over time, He has healed me in full! Now my mission is to help others to see themselves the way God sees them, and to encourage them in taking care of their bodies—their “temples of the Holy Spirit”—accordingly. I use intentional movement and focused breath to bring about healing, self-awareness, and those positive exercise endorphins that should always remind us to give God praise!

Now offering private or group fitness classes, trainings, and/or coaching sessions with a focus on breath, intentionality of movement, and Christ-centered worship. Expertise and training in Pilates, yoga, long distance running, praise dance, strength training, and pregnancy/postpartum wellness.


“Claire has been such an inspiration to me…her smiling face and encouragement kept me coming back.  And while I decided to pursue my certification in group fitness, she was there to support me all the way. I passed the test and obtained a job in the fitness industry. I was terrified when I found out that I was going to have to teach yoga. After practicing with Claire over time, I felt more confident.  She helped me to relaxed and not over think it. Not only has yoga become my favorite exercise to practice, it is my favorite class to teach. Claire, thank you for all that you have done for me!” -Monique Crawley, Chicago Park District

“Claire is a truly gifted instructor. Her Pilates class was refreshing even from the very first minute! She helps your mind, body and soul to get into the exercise as she leads you in the routine with soothing encouragement. Her style and instruction help you tune out distractions of all kinds and to focus on your own body as you are simultaneously learning valuable info with each movement. She’s  perfect for any level of client’s experience and strength since she models alternative positions every step of the way. I thoroughly enjoyed her class and I highly recommend it to everyone who is considering it! You won’t be disappointed!!” -Aziza Butler, MOPS at Beverly

“The first time that I experienced Piyo was under Claire’s instruction and I thoroughly enjoyed myself! Her sessions were like a crescendo, gradually increasing in intensity and challenge until we found ourselves completely relaxed in cool down. I would gladly take any class that she offered because she is not only knowledgeable, patient and excellent in her instruction, but sweet and peaceable in her disposition. I give her 5 stars!” –Tiffanie Waterford, Piyo class participant


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